3 Quick advices for crowdfunding

Stay with us in our Artists Residency Program. 
If you can't afford, if you ran out of sponsors or even find hard to get grants, you can try crowdfunding.

3 Quick advices in crowdfunding: 

1) you will fill in a project in a crowdfunding website, like www.kickstarter.comwww.gofundme.com, https://www.indiegogo.com, or many others, but that is not enought to get people involved, you will need to write and talk with your contacts individualy for support, it is really a fundraising operation, use your personal contacts and contact them one by one.

2) in the crowdfunding website you can have many categories of amounts for sponsorships, and benefits for the sponsors, for example: 20 euros contribution get a sticker, 40 euros contribution get a hand painted t-shirt, 100 euros get a original drawing on paper, 200 euros get a painting 15 x 15, 300 euros a painting 30 x 30 and so on.

3) promote your project in social media, email, newspaper, magazines, personal meetings... everywhere!!!

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