Artist-in-Residence Program

We are an independent cultural center, run by artists focused in Artistic Residency, workshops, lectures, art and creative technology courses, temporary exhibitions and private and public events.

In our Artist Residency Program, we are open to accept artists, scholars, freethinkers, curators and all sorts of creative people to take time and space away from your usual environment and obligations. Here, you can create opportunities for engagement and cultural exchange with local artists and audiences.

We provide time for reflection, research, presentation and production, encouraging collaborations, intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogues and the development of new working methods. You can explore practices within a new community, meeting new people, using new materials, experiencing life in a new location.

In our Artistic Residency, we emphasize the importance of exchange of information and multiplicity immersion in another culture. The artists who come to our program are from all around the world, they are in all stages of their careers and work in all kind of arts.

There are no preconditions for acceptance in terms of field of artistic activity, age, nationality, etc., though there are limitations to our physical facilities, we have only two rooms. 

Volusiano Residency is available throughout the whole year. No submission deadlines apply unless separately stated. It is recommended that proposals are submitted in advance.

Our Artist in Residence Program is registered in main artistic residency directories: Trans ArtistsResArtisResidency UnlimitedArt SlantContemporaryandCollege Art AssociationWoolooArt RubiconSP Cultura(cultural mapping project of the Municipal Department of Culture of São Paulo)

Volusiano gets no financial support from governmental or from any other institution, we are a totally independent space, therefore, we can not grant scholarship or financial support to artists at this moment.
If you are interested in come to our Residence Program, please fill the APPLICATION FORM with following attachment to enclose:

- Your CV;

- Letter of intent, including your project;

- Links to webpage/examples of work.

We have plans according to the needs of the artist:

- Basic Accommodation (daily, weekly)

- Art Residency (weekly and monthly)

- Art Residency (weekly and monthly) with exhibition


We have two bedrooms, one standard with shared bathroom and a luxury one, with private bathroom and jacuzzi; in both we provide linens and towels.

- Laundry area;

- Multi-use space;

- Studio;

- Backyard;

- Sauna;

- Wi-fi;

- Nice location in residential neighborhood;

- Near to shops and public transportation;

- 20 minutes walk from Metro Vila Madalena;

- Exhibition space (price upon request).

- Nearby public libraries, galeries, museums, parks...

Check the photos of our space here!

ALL RESIDENTS ARE SUBJECT TO  Residence Rules & Regulations


Rua São Gall 110  São Paulo  Brasil  05054-170

+5511 3862 8590  ●  999 522 440