Residence Rules & Regulations

Dear guests,

We want you to have a great time here and we will be happy to provide you informations, tips or anything we can.

If you're thinking to book, please take a moment  and read our Rules & Regulations. The aim is to make our residence happy, safe and respectful place to stay for all guests.

1. We have two bedrooms, one is standard with shared bathroom and other is luxury with private bathroom and Jacuzzi. Check availability and prices prior your arrival.

2. All reservations should be confirmed with a down payment, previous to arrival, that can be done by credit card (PayPal system). The reservation payment is part of the accommodation agreed price, so when checking-in the remaining costs must be paid in cash.  The reservation payment will be deducted from total bill. The reservation deposit is non- refundable.

3. In case of the guest check-out before the agreed date, will not be refunded

4. During the check-in the guests are required to present a valid identification card with photo (ID, passport or driving licence) and contact informations in your place of residence.

5. Upon check in, guests will receive a room key and remote control to open the front gate, they must be returned in the check-out .  In case of loss/ damage, guest will be charged for replacement.

6. In case of any damages you should immediately inform us. The guest bears material responsibility for the damage or destruction of Residence’s equipment and technical devices. In the case of deliberate action, guest may also incur liability. The guest is required to report us any defects found in the room on the day of arrival. No notification means no defects or destruction.

7. The comfort, safety and security of our guests is of paramount importance to us.
Any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests, staff or local residents will be requested to leave the Residence premises and will not be offered a refund. Guests are expected to respect other guests, staff, local residents and property.

8. We provide you a bedroom with one set of bed linen, blanket and face/bath towel.

9. We have a fully equiped shared kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, dishes, plates, cutlery and all utensils for cooking.  After use the kitchen, you must clean, dry and store all cooking utensils. Guests are kindly requested to keep clean their rooms, and shared spaces  – bathroom and kitchen – in particular.

10. May not be allowed to cook after 7pm since we have many activities happening in our shared space such as courses, lectures, workshops, etc. Please check the activities.

11. Smoking is allowed only at the appointed places.

12. We have a studio space for your art creations and research. Please check the Institute Program for availability.

13. All residents, by having a confirmed reservation, or by checking in at our Residence, are subject to the Residence Regulations and the Terms of Service

Yours sincerely,

Instituto Volusiano